Monday, September 17, 2012

The Mistress

         I cried rivers of tears watching John Lloyd Cruz and Bea's "One More Chance" movie. I know I am not alone. I am a fan of Bea's beautiful angelic face and of JLC's expressive eyes and magnetic smile not to mention his impressive acting that could melt any woman's heart. Funny because I only learned of their new movie days ago and did not let the chance of watching it on wide screen with the hubby slip away. I had to bribe him to agree and we argued by the queue who would have to buy the tickets hahahaha. Surprisingly there were not a few men inside the cinema and most were past middle age. The moment Loydie's eyes appeared onscreen I was glued and my popcorn indulgence ceased.

     The title itself is intriguing enough. Every suspicious wife would love to watch it with her husband! It is a story that happens in real life and truth to tell much more complicated situations happen. Who are we to judge? Love moves in mysterious ways and I think anyone can love and is free to express that love at the right time, at the right place with God's blessing otherwise one has to merely love in silence. After all, love is patient and kind, it does not boasts and keep a record of wrongs. How I love the lines "Ang daming dahilan para hindi kita mahalin pero may isang dahilan kung ba't di ko magawa yun, MAHAL KITA, yun lang yun!" gosh, and hearing it from John Lloyd while looking into his puppy eyes is heavenly! SSSSshhhh the hubby might hear me wehehehehe. Bea on the other hand has this oh so wholesome aura that even when she is getting undressed it doesn't look awkward or cynical at all and of all movie pretty, sexy actresses she's one we could let our husbands watch and not get jealous of, seriously hahahah...And she plays her part very well delivering each line with an intensity that could literally pull your heart off your chest. So  is the movie worth watching? Do I need to answer that? waaaaaaaa I love you John Lloyd!!!! hahahahaha......

from our home sweet home to yours


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Welcome to Home Sweet Home


      Well....I am feeling giddy as I you remember how happy you were as a child when you had tons of gifts to open and you didn't know which to grab first? and do you recall that time when you had your first taste of ice cream, the one which had marshmallow, nuts and chocolate chips?...the time you first held a balloon with a string...the one that could escape your grip if you so much as moved a limb carelessly? well...what I am feeling now is akin to those hahaha...this blog has been playing, jumping, running, smashing my brain for some nights now...and finally I had the inspiration to revise this site after doing the laundry this morning into one that could hold everything my brain wants to throw up hahaha....ones which I could not voice out at my some kind of a bloody serious website The Letters In November which some of you are already familiar with and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of this heart for visiting my thoughts there....

     Now please pardon me because I will once again bombard your walls with posts from this blog which is practically my refuge from all the stress of that huge thing called LIFE. I hope you will forgive me for my endless rattles on food, travel, technology, showbiz, clothes, gadgets, relationships, motherhood, photography and yes favorite word in all the world :D

     Special thanks to my Salitype Society Sisters again for the ultimate blogging inspiration....To my family..To the one Above who keeps me healthy and alive.. all of you from different chapters of my life, there are too many of you in all honesty whom I love and hold near my heart who know me from deep within, who've seen me bare, naked- nah, that was a joke of course haha :D ....

     thank you so much for keeping me inspired to write write write.....your thoughts are always welcome here at home sweet home....the stress buster of a working mom named Kulasa....

      Oh yes, I took the photo of the header right after washing our clothes using my most recent favorite detergent soap (Ariel- reminds me of my college days favorite singer haha) you can see our lawn is unkempt as the nature lover in me hates pulling the weeds and the wild flowers that grow in between our Vietnam Roses, our only flowering plants aside from our mini roses and oh there is another flowering plant with merely one blooming flower right now haha...the yellow-orange one on the right for my net connection here in the woods, the only gadget that works is my handy globe tattoo broadband stick which thankfully is able to keep me in touch with all of you....otherwise, after washing the dishes and the clothes this morning I would have hanged myself from a tree out of boredom here can you keep a secret? the real reason why our garden remains untidy is because when I am at home....I spend more time tapping on my keyboard, taking photos....sharing my thoughts with you than  working in the whose fault do you think is it? hahahahaha.....shhhhh....

     ..Happy day wherever you are under whatever color of the sky.....I promise to work in the garden this afternoon because another purpose of this new blog of mine is to help me change for the better...and maybe I could help you too!



happily joining a piece of Heaven

thank you for your time
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

fish pond

who cares about the heat of the sun when this is what one sees all around...taken in Pangasinan, Philippines...summer of 2011

may your home be always filled with  love, peace and happiness

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Friday, February 17, 2012

my little boy Roel

happy kid

 I seem to have just come from outer space and back. I was practically out on a limb the past twenty four hours. My little boy got sick! He had an Asthma attack and got inflicted with Pneumonia.


      Imagine my panic when I heard wheezing sounds coming from his chest the other night. I frantically packed anything I could get my hands on and rushed him to the ER. The next hours where grueling as I went about my work of healing while I was praying fervently for my own child to get well. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Babalik ang mga Bayani

     Nakatingala siya sa may bintana. Habang ang mga kamay hinahaplos ang puting telang dinadaanan ng mainit na bakal. Panaka nakang binabalik nya ang tanaw sa unipormeng malamyos sa kamay. "Nanay! Nanay!," humahangos ang nagma may ari ng tinig sa loob ng bahay. "Nanay! Araw daw ngayon ng Kalayaan!" "Maaari po ba akong pumunta sa bayan?" "Manonood lang po ako ng parada!" Nakangiti, halos lumundag na sambit ng batang paslit. Napangiti rin sya. Tuwang tuwa siya sa natitigan nyang kislap sa mga mata ng supling nya. Para bang may umuukit ng bulaklak sa puso nya. Nakakakiliti yaon, hindi masakit ngunit marikit ang pakiramdam. Hindi nya mapigilang maluha. Minsan kase noong bata pa siya sinubukan nyang magpaalam pero hindi siya pinayagan. Nakakatakot daw sa bayan. May mga hapon. "Kukunin ka ng mga hapon," sambit ng nanay nya at hindi na siya muli pang nagtanong. "Ano nanay, pwede po ba akong pumunta sa bayan?!" muli ay narinig nya. "Oo anak, oo naman, siya siya maligo ka at kumain muna." Nang makaalis na ang bata iniwan nya ang mga damit, umupo siya sa gilid ng hagdan, pinukol ng mga mata ang rosaryo sa altar. Dali daling nyang isinara ang buong bahay. Pupunta rin sya sa nayon. Makikipag diwang siya! Malaya na daw ang Pilipinas. Makikipagbunyi siya. Sasayaw siya sa kalsada at makikinig sa harana!