Friday, February 17, 2012

my little boy Roel

happy kid

 I seem to have just come from outer space and back. I was practically out on a limb the past twenty four hours. My little boy got sick! He had an Asthma attack and got inflicted with Pneumonia.


      Imagine my panic when I heard wheezing sounds coming from his chest the other night. I frantically packed anything I could get my hands on and rushed him to the ER. The next hours where grueling as I went about my work of healing while I was praying fervently for my own child to get well. 

       I must admit as any mother would that seeing one's child in pain or distress of whatever origin is indeed the greatest challenge of all. Adding to the my huge dilemma is this stock of knowledge on a million and one diseases in the world that could take away life....and so I PRAYED....and prayed and prayed and prayed...and let the angels of heaven in the form of workmate friends intervene...

...this morning as I laid my stethoscope on my ten-year old boy's chest I heard lesser wheezes and crackles! The happiness is indescribable! When I think of Jesus who died on the cross, I am humbled at my human frailty to sin and doubt in His unending mercy and love. Now as I stare at Roel who is begging me to let him play with the computer again I am giggling inside with an intensity that could shake a building down because I perceive that the little rascal is almost back in full shape! Thank you Lord...thank you I go back to sleep beside him and let everything else take a back seat for now...thank you for your friendship dears, 

happy boy all are angels that keep me sane...

may your home be always filled with  love, peace and happiness


 thank you for being here, your comment in any language is sincerely appreciated :-)


betchai said...

I am so glad Roel is doing better now and is almost back in full shape Zen. I felt your sadness in your last post here and kept on praying all is well, and i am sooooo glad, indeed, all is well now! Yipeeeeee!!! It's always a joy to see Roel's happiness, it is very contagious, I hope to be able to meet them one day and share a hug and be contaminated by their simple happiness. Love you Zen.

Ruthi said...

i could feel your worry as a mother and not a doctor because you are a mother first and foremost. glad that he is ok and in good shape. as a mother you know that he is ok because he is back to his old self and you don't need a tool to know that, right?

Icy BC said...

Oh Zen, it is feeling that no mother wants to experience or go through! I'm so glad he is back to being himself, happy and healthy!